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Group Contest - Breeding Contest Entries
Dusk x Sophia SapphireJewel babys -DOWNLOAD- -open by ottolover101
Dusky x Puppet Foal Reserve by XDragonxRebelX
CLOSED Dusk X Sunmire Foals by EVlSCERATE
Group Contest - BreedingContest FoalReserves
Longma Species Guides and Bases
Longma Base A2U CLOSED by StoryOfMyBases
Mlp Lineart Female Dragon Ponys by theliondemon-kaimra
Mlp Lineart Male Dragon Ponys by theliondemon-kaimra
~Longma Species Guide~ by SilverRomance
Longma Adoptables and Breedables
feburary 2017 rng breed by King-Zoroark
[BREEDING] Astigmatism x Aurora Spectrum [2 LEFT] by NeoceItia
Longma -Normal Type-
~YCH - Do Sinful got da booty?~ by SilverRomance
Grape Slushie by SnowingRoses
Ocean Song by Strawberry-T-Pony
Cut Off by Gaster-Story
Longdi -Hell Type Longma-
Opal Moon by SamithaM
Blaze Shadow by Strawberry-T-Pony
Mystic Flame by Strawberry-T-Pony
Inferno Circle the Longdi by OberonSirius
Longbai -Eastern Type Longma-
Commission: Longbai Stallion for Gaster-Story by SilverRomance
Tezcacoatl Ref by AzrealRou
Custom: Longbai Stallion for Gaster-Story by SilverRomance
Golden Wishes by Gaster-Story
Longyi -Pegasus Type Longma-
Frappuccino by Strawberry-T-Pony
Dusk Shade Ship Babs by mamaFoxi
Rainbow Tulip by Strawberry-T-Pony
Sunset Blaze by Strawberry-T-Pony
Longmi -Unicorn Type Longma-
Whipped Dream by Strawberry-T-Pony
Dragon Gem by pinkbug10
Deadly Mistress by Goldwing93
OC - Lady Firepuff by NeoceItia
Longxi -Alicorn Type Longma-
Commission: Paralyzer Poses by SilverRomance
Longzhu -Changeling Type Longma-
OC - Altoharmonic by NeoceItia
Longza -Draconequus Type Longma-
OC Ref: Buttscratch the Longza by SilverRomance
Zebma -Zebra Type Longma-
Fire Potion by Strawberry-T-Pony
Longbat -Bat Type Longma-
Debut: Rose Wind: by artistic-Virgo
Longbreez -Breezie Type Longma-
Fairy Dust by Gaster-Story
Longan -Saddle Arabian Type Longma-
Peanut Butter Cookie by Strawberry-T-Pony
Longshu -Crystal Type Longma-
- Dragonbane - by ShellyCake
Lenyu -Zenyu Type Longma-
Custom: Lenyu Mare for FPS-Foxi by SilverRomance
Lobma -Lobster Type Longma-
Custom: Pepper X Grape Filly for LobsterPolice by SilverRomance
Longavi -Bird Type Longma-
Bird Song- the Longavi by Strawberry-T-Pony
Longbing -Epidemic Type Longma-
MidGoo by Gaster-Story
Longbra -Cobracorn Type Longma-
Longdeer -Deer type Longma-
Longdia -Electro Blitz Type Longma-
Longdu -Pot Belly Type Longma-
Custom: Longdu Mare for FPS-Foxi by SilverRomance
Longeyu -Mirum Type Longma-
Custom: King X Red Colt for Flameslingercorn by SilverRomance
Longface -Faceless Type Longma-
OC - Pluma Prism by NeoceItia
Longfairy -Fairy Keeper Longma-
Longfar -Farucan Type Longma-
Longga -Naga Type Longma-
Longroop -Groop Type Longma-
Longuin -Penguin Type Longma-
Two Types of Frost by Piplup40
Harpma -Harpy Type Longma-
Night Sky the Harpma by RicePoison
Longhei -Tenebris Type Longma-
Midnight flame by korria1234
Longhi -Cave Type Longma-
Custom: Krang X Adonia Filly for The-Demihuman by SilverRomance
Longhu -Circit Type Longma-
Longji -Machine Type Longma-
Oc: Excalibur by MidnightsAdoptables
Longkepa -Dire Type Longma-
Longku -Skeleta Type Longma-
Candy Powder by Strawberry-T-Pony
Longkupa -Vuacakupa Type Longma-
Specie character/Mascot: Kegaiku [Tradicional art] by LPS100
Longkyrie -Valkyrie Type Longma-
Commission: Longyikyrie Mare for Snowkit96 by SilverRomance
Longli -Lynx Type Longma-
OC - Doiteain by NeoceItia
Longlu -Lupus Type Longma-
Chibi adopts *OPEN* by mamaFoxi
Cursed Longma
OC Ref: Camila Cockatrice the Cursed Longyi by SilverRomance
Felis Longma
Gumma -Stargum Type Longma-
Longma Lamps -Lava Lamp type Longma-
Cheeb Light Glam by TwilightPowerBases
Lumping Longma
Custom: Fortulette X PH Filly for LegendzAonuma by SilverRomance
Porcelain Longma
Spextral Longma
3 Spextrals by Strawberry-T-Pony
Summoner Longma
Longma Troopa -Koopa Type Longma-
.:Sassy is in her nature:. by artistic-Virgo
Longmoid -Poniplasm Type Longma-
Silent but lonely by The-Demihuman
Longni -Frost Type Longma-
Trade: Longnibai Stallion for RevkaHunt by SilverRomance
Longruu -Ruuzan Type Longma-
Longsai -Season Type Longma-
Summer Leaf by Hollowolfpup
Longsha -Electro Type Longma-
Longshie -Plushie Type Longma-
Burning Seam by Strawberry-T-Pony
Longsi -Torn Mouth Type Longma-
Commission: Adelind Ovia the Longsi by SilverRomance
Sionnma -Sionnachini Type Longma-
OC - Patchouli by NeoceItia
Longso -Elemental Type Longma-
Longten -Vine Type Longma-
Fire Vine- the longten by Strawberry-T-Pony
Longtia -Virga Type Longma-
Tropical Fizz by Calixta-of-Darkness
Longthra -Panthra Type Longma-
The first Longthra by xXNovaNepsXx
Longto -Skeletal type Longma-
OC - Candy Cranium by NeoceItia
Longtron -Chronus Type Longma-
Dustbrush by The-Demihuman
Longwan -Forest Sprite Type Longma-
Carnival Spin by SchattenspielRex
Longwei -Tail Mouth Type Longma-
Custom: LegendzAonuma's custom by LPS100
Longwu -Voodoo Type Longma-
Longyo -Song Type Longma-
SilverRomance's Longyoyi by ShellyCake
Longyou -Spectre Type Longma-
Longzai -Plant Monster Type Longma-
OC Ref: Violet Thorn the Longzai by SilverRomance
Zo'ell Longma
Groups and Collabs
Honey Cider and kids by SamithaM
Pets Belonging to Longma
OC: Berry the Bunny - Grape Slushie's Pet by SilverRomance
Anthro or Equestria Girls
Anthro Ref: Dusk Symphony the Longma by SilverRomance
NSFW Longma Images

Mature Content

Anthro Ref: Dusk Symphony the Longma (Nude) by SilverRomance
Stories and Literature
Lament of a Longma - Part 3 - Song of the Stars by SilverRomance
Ask My Longma
Ask Twilight Tune by Strawberry-T-Pony
Non-Image Longma
Children of Longma
Commission: Unnamed X W0nk4 Colt for Snowkit96 by SilverRomance
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Fan Button: Tornado Twist Fan by SilverRomance
Pony Generator Longma
Pony Gen: Sour Candy (Disguised) by SilverRomance
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Mature Content

*CLOSED* ~YCH - Oops, I Tripped!~ by SilverRomance
-Finished Contest- Draw Dusk Symphony
Drawing Dusk by Raver1357
-Finished Contest- Longmaize Your Pony OC
Candy Crush by Morphshift
- Finished Contest- Nightmare Night
Quilt as dressing up as a griffin by Piplup40


Long time no see! I just thought I'd post a journal with a poll I put up about the Longmas~…
Currently there is a contest going where you can design your dream Faceless, a Faceless with all the bits and pieces of the species that you love, one that you put your heart and soul into! The designs will be judged and the winners will get to keep their Faceless that they've made, and they'll get a plethora of other nice goodies too! And, if you don't win, you'll be able to pay to allow your Faceless to be official! These prizes include customs from hot bae's (including Longfaces), MYOs (also including Longfaces), and even a breeding with the first Faceless pony, Smiley~ <3

To enter, be sure to read all the rules on the journal!

MY DREAM FACELESS ~CONTEST!~I want to start to rally up everyone in the group and have more people participating and having fun, like how it was meant to be!
So in order to do this we're setting up a contest with a lot of amazing prizes from our admins~
11 more days!!!
:skull:R U L E S:skull:
- ANYONE CAN JOIN, license or not you may join in the contest <3
- Limit; 1 design per person.
- You may use ANY traits, including mythical
- You may NOT use all of the mythical traits
- When you enter your design, you must submit it into the "MY DREAM FACELESS" folder
- With your design we require a backstory to go with it, we really want you to think about this character!
- You may use bases, and you may do traditional or digital art, but it MUST be colored!
- If you use a base you MUST credit the base maker.
- Your entry must be in before January 31st or else your entry will not count, we will be checking
- If you did not win, you have the option of paying for y

Oh but wait, that's not all! For a limited time the rights are on sale for a mere 50:points:, which gets you breeding rights and creation rights, holy crap right? I'd love to see more Faceless ponies in the world, they have a huge space in my heart, and I'm sure it would be really fun to breed Smiley with a bunch of them like the old days. <3

To get these cheap rights, just read this here journal and do what it says, though you should also be sure to read all of the species and rights information that can be found in the group and in PossiblySatan's journals!

More Journal Entries

Welcome to the Longma Legion!

Hello fellow Longma lovers! This group has been created to spread all of the Longma love, anyone is free to join. I don't really have much to put here at the moment but, here are some rules.


1) Be kind, I don't want to see anyone flaming anyone else.
2) Be sure to read the status of each type of Longma before you decide to make an OC of it. All of the types besides the normal one are closed species, and can only be obtained from me, or from breedings that either I, or another person who has a Longma have done with other people.
3) About the things about the probability of whatever type being bred on each of the folders, you are free to use that as a guideline when you do breedings with Longma, or you are free to do as you wish with your breedings, it is mostly just showing the probability when I do breedings for people. XD

And uhhh, well I can't think of any more rules at the moment so, go nuts. X3








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INico Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017   General Artist
Any chance under the Longga section that a naga be used for a base of hybrid oc?
RicePoison Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Currently at this time there are no longga bases as it's closed (plus there's only one in existence ... so I'd suggest keeping an eye out for any adopts that appear in the future) 
Strawberry-T-Pony Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017
Hey can you open the longdeer folder?
RicePoison Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I was going to do about 5 adopt to make the 'standard' and sorta forgot about it o-o I'll see if I can open it. 
Strawberry-T-Pony Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017
Thank you! :D
RicePoison Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Ok it should be open :) 
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Strawberry-T-Pony Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017
Hey I don't know where the journal is about pay to make longma sub species. ^^; Anyway, I will leave this here: strawberry-t-pony.deviantart.c…
MimishBlah Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
I do hope you don't claim to have created the original Longma.
SilverRomance Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't. Longma are an ancient creation in Chinese mythology. Unless you're talking about the Longma in Fighting Herds, in which my take on the species was created before the Longma in that game.
MimishBlah Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Nope! Was talking about the mythical ones. :3
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